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Mixed biodiversity benefits of agri-environment schemes in five European countries

Ecology Letters

Based on: Kleijn D., Baquero R.A., Clough Y., Diaz M., De Esteban J., Fernandez F., Gabriel D., Herzog F., Holzschuh A., Johl R., Knop E., Kruess A., Marshall E.J.P., Steffan-Dewenter I., Tscharntke T., Verhulst J., West T.M. & Yela J.L.

Modification of a community garden to attract native bee pollinators in urban San Luis Obispo, California

Cities and the Environment

Based on: Pawelek J.C., Frankie G.W., Thorp R.W. & Przybylski M.

Monitoring of bare ground for use by heathland insects

Unpublished report to the West Sussex Heathlands Project

Based on: Edwards M.

Monitoring solitary bees in modified wildland habitats: implications for bee ecology and conservation

Environmental Entomology

Based on: Frankie G.W., Thorp R.W., Newstrom-Lloyd L.E., Rizzardi M.A., Barthell J.F., Griswold T.L., & Kappagoda S.

Native or exotic? Double or single? Evaluating plants for pollinator-friendly gardens

Annals of Botany

Based on: Corbet S.A., Bee J., Dasmahapatra K., Gale S., Gorringe E., La Ferla B., Moorhouse T., Trevail A. & Van Bergen Y. and Vorontsova M.

Nest site selection by bumblebees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in Southern Alberta

The Canadian Entomologist

Based on: Richards K.W.

Nest structure and parasite of Euglossa atroveneta Dressler (Apidae: Bombinae: Euglossini) at Unión Juárez, Chiapas, Mexico

Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society

Based on: Ramirez-Arriaga E., Cuadriello-Aguilar J.I & Martinez-Hernandez E.


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