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Managing invasive crayfish: use of X-ray sterilisation of males

Freshwater Biology

Based on: Aquiloni L, Becciolini A, Berti R, Porciani S, Trunfio C & Gherardi F

Non-Native Species Newsletter: Spring Edition

Based on: Environment Agency Invasive Species Action Group .

PM 9/19 (1) Invasive alien aquatic plants

Bulletin OEPP

Based on: EPPO .

Reclaiming Botany Wetlands, Sydney through integrated management of Ludwigia peruviana and other weeds

Proceedings of the Thirteenth Australian Weeds Conference

Based on: Chandrasena N., Pinto L. & Sim R.

Report of a Pest Risk Analysis for Lysichiton americanus

European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization

Based on: Buholzer S., pers. comm. (2009) In European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization .


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