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Crayfish management for Swiss waters

Bulletin Francais De La Peche Pisciculture

Based on: Hefti D & Stucki P

Development of eradication strategies for Ludwigia species

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Defra project code PH0422

Based on: Centre for Ecology and Hydrology .

Differential infection of exotic and native freshwater amphipods by a parasitic water mould in the St. Lawrence River

Biological Invasions

Based on: Kestrup A.M., Thomas S.H., van Rensburg K., Ricciardi A. & Duffy M.A.

Dynamics and control of the Asiatic clam in the New River, Virginia

Bulletin of the Virginia Water Resources Center

Based on: Cherry D.S., Rodgers J.H, Graney R.L. & Cairns J.

Ecology, distribution and chemical control of Hydrocotyle ranunculoides in the U.K.


Based on: Newman J.R. & Dawson F.H.

Effect of flaming on Hydrocotyle ranunculoides L.F. survival

Plant Research International, Wageningen

Based on: Joost van der Burg W. & Michielsen J.M.

Effect of hydrogen peroxide spraying on Hydrocotyl ranunculoides L.f. survival.

Plant Research International, Wageningen

Based on: Joost van der Burg W.

Effectiveness of dam construction to contain the invasive crayfish Procambarus clarkii in a Mediterranean mountain stream

Ecological Engineering

Based on: Dana E.D., García-de-Lomas J, González R & Ortega F


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