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Response to selection for resistance against infectious pancreatic necrosis in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)


Based on: Storset A., Strand C., Wetten M., Kjøglum S. & Ramstad A.

Seed germination behaviour of Lantana camara in response to smoke

Tropical Ecology

Based on: Raizada P. & Raghubanshi A.S.

Stand dynamics and spatial patterns across varying sites in the invasive Lantana camara (Verbenaceae)

Plant Ecology

Based on: Osunkoya O.O., Perrett C., Fernando C., Clark C. & Raghu S.

Tailoring of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar L.) Flesh Lipid Composition and Sensory Quality by Replacing Fish Oil with a Vegetable Oil Blend

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Based on: Torstensen B.E., Bell J.G., Rosenlund G., Henderson R.J., Graff I.E., Torcher D.R., Lie O. & Sargeant G.A.

The effect of dietary krill supplementation on epithelium-associated bacteria in the hindgut of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.): a microbial and electron microscopical study

Aquaculture Research

Based on: Ringø Einar, Sperstad Sigmund, Myklebust Reidar, Mayhew TerryM., Mjelde Agnar, Melle Webjørn & Olsen RolfErik


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