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Decreasing phosphorus discharge in fish farm ponds by treating the sludge generated with sludge drying beds


Based on: Puigagut J., Angles H., Chazarenc F. & Comeau Y.

Does bivalve mollusc polyculture reduce marine fin fish farming environmental impact?


Based on: Navarrete-Mier F., Sanz-Lázaro C. & Marín A.

Ecological restoration of lantana-invaded landscapes in Corbett Tiger Reserve, India

Ecological Restoration

Based on: Babu S., Love A. & Babu C.R.

Effect of stachyose, raffinose and soya-saponins supplementation on nutrient digestibility, digestive enzymes, gut morphology and growth performance in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar, L)


Based on: Sørensen M., Penn M., El-Mowafi A., Storebakken T., Chunfang C., Øverland M. & Krogdahl Å.


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