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Use mixed pasture
Likely to be ineffective or harmful Based on: 7 studies
Use mixed pasture
Use pesticides only when pests or crop damage reach threshold levels
Unknown effectiveness (limited evidence) Based on: 14 studies
Use pesticides only when pests or crop damage reach threshold levels

176 studies found

Economics of reducing insecticide use on celery through low-input pest management strategies

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Reitz S.R., Kund G.S., Carson W.G., Phillips P.A. & Trumble J.T.

Effect of 3-year rotation sequences and pearl millet on population densities of Pratylenchus penetrans and subsequent potato yield

Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology

Based on: Belair G., Dauphinais N., Fournier Y., Dangi O.P. & Ciotola M.

Effect of agroecosystem diversity on natural enemies of maize stemborers in coastal Kenya

International Journal of Tropical Insect Science

Based on: Midega C.A.O., Ogol C.K.P.O. & Overholt W.A.

Effect of codling moth management on orchard arthropods

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Simon S., Defrance H. & Sauphanor B.

Effect of crop rotation with grain pearl millet on Pratylenchus penetrans and subsequent potato yields in Quebec


Based on: Dauphinais N., Belair G., Fournier Y. & Dangi O.P.

Effect of ground cover vegetation on the abundance and diversity of beneficial arthropods in citrus orchards

Bulletin of Entomological Research

Based on: Silva E.B., Franco J.C., Vasconcelos T. & Branco M.

Effect of overseeding forages into alfalfa on alfalfa weevil, forage yield and quality

Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science

Based on: Putnam D.H., Long R., Reed B.A. & Williams W.A.

Effect of soils from six management systems on root-knot nematodes and plant growth in greenhouse assays

Journal of Nematology

Based on: Kokalis-Burelle N., Peries X. & Chellemi D.O.

Effects of agricultural management on nematode-mite assemblages: soil food web indices as predictors of mite community composition

Applied Soil Ecology

Based on: Sanchez-Moreno S., Nicola N.L., Ferris H. & Zalom F.G.

Effects of an herbivore-induced plant volatile on arthropods from three trophic levels in brassicas

Biological Control

Based on: Orre G.U.S., Wratten S.D., Jonsson M. & Hale R.J.


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