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Use mixed pasture
Likely to be ineffective or harmful Based on: 7 studies
Use mixed pasture
Use pesticides only when pests or crop damage reach threshold levels
Unknown effectiveness (limited evidence) Based on: 14 studies
Use pesticides only when pests or crop damage reach threshold levels

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Crop rotation reduces the cost of Colorado potato beetle control in potatoes


Based on: Speese J. & Sterett S.B.

Deleterious activity of cultivated grasses (Poaceae) and residues on soilborne fungal, nematode and weed pests


Based on: Stapleton J.J., Summers C.G., Mitchell J.P. & Prather T.S.

Development of a vegetable IPM program in a rice-based cropping system

Kasetsart Journal: Natural Sciences

Based on: Aganon T.M., Patricio M.G., Calderon J.I., Soriano J.S. & Sison M.L.J.

Disease management and variable planting patterns in peanut

Peanut Science

Based on: Nuti R.C., Faircloth W.H., Lamb M.C., Sorensen R.B., Davidson J.I. & Brenneman T.B.

Ecological impact of three pest management systems in New Zealand apple orchards

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Suckling D.M, Walker J.T.S & Wearing C.H.

Economic performance of the 'push-pull' technology for stemborer and Striga control in smallholder farming systems in western Kenya

Crop Protection

Based on: Khan Z.R., Midega C.A.O., Njuguna E.M., Amudavi D.M., Wanyama J.M. & Pickett J.A.


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